Ze’eva Cohen: Creating A Life In Dance A 32 minute documentary - World Premiere February 2015 - Dance On Camera - Walter Reade Theater, Lincoln Center, New York; Humanities Festival - University of the West Indies, Barbados - March 2015; Dance Camera West - Los Angeles, May, 2015 “I think Anna Sokolow saw in me a certain naïveté, a certain rawness. She saw that I could give myself completely to a role and become the role, and she could see that I would go with her all the way.” - Ze'eva Cohen Award winning television and video editor Sharon Kaufman makes her directorial debut with the legacy project Ze’eva Cohen: Creating A Life In Dance - a model of how an artist can survive in the dance world by carving out an independent path for herself. Primarily narrated by Cohen, the half hour documentary spans 70 years, encompassing her life as a young dancer in Israel, work in the U.S. as soloist with Anna Sokolow's Dance Company, pioneering 12 year solo repertory concerts, choreography for diverse dance companies, as well as work at Princeton University, where she founded and directed the dance program from 1969 to 2009.